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Galway Wedding DVD  & Video
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There's an Art to Film...
There's a difference between simply pointing a camera and the art of filmmaking... Film shows motion, a series of moments telling a story... Good film takes vision, creativity and attention to detail, it requires attention to shot composition, framing, structuring, sequencing, and good old-fashioned storytelling. Shots should mix between long 'establishing' shots, mid 'attention' shots and close-up 'detailed' shots, tracking shots, dolly shots, even hand-held dancing shots... knowing which is the right shot for the right moment is an art...

Like a Fly on the Wall...
At the Seabury Studio we pay attention to these simple film rules... We film 'documentary' style, like a "fly-on-the-wall" our state-of-the-art cameras capture every conceivable shot without interfering with your day. We don't direct you or pressure you into talking to the camera, with a Seabury Studio film the camera doesn't exist, we're outside the experience taking notice of all that is happening... we realise that what the camera represents is actually 'you'... looking at the film years from now, reliving the events through the camera, so we make the movie that you'll enjoy over and over forever.

Jackie & Fergus' Wedding

You are the Star!
Our films are movie productions... 'Starring' the Bride and Groom, co-starring the bridesmaids and groomsmen, with a
stellar cast of guests. Like all Hollywood movies, our movies have opening titles, end credits (listing all your guests to
a summary of the day), music score, themed titles, special effects, and all our DVDs have interactive menus with
animated chapter selections for easy viewing. Each DVD has graphically designed individualised covers and labels
that sit favourably amongst your DVD collection.

Your day will be EPIC, and so will your wedding movie... film is an art, lets make a movie...

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